Monday, 18 August 2014

The Beaches in the South of France

The beautiful stretch of coast known as the Cote d’Azur offers tremendous picturesque views of the dazzling Mediterranean, pristine sands and the stunning backdrop of the Alpine mountain range dropping to the sea with snow-capped peaks.

Some of the most incredible beaches Europe has to offer can be found on this prestigious colourful coastline which spans from Monaco to St Tropez

There are several Public and Private Beaches along the coastline of the South of France and champagne showers are a regular occurrence. Here at Elegant Address we find our clients prefer to be on the private beaches which can vary in price and facilities, although they are all of a pristine quality.

Paloma Beach – CapFerrat

This is known as the most beautiful beach in Cap Ferrat, east facing it is fabulous for a morning’s sunbathing. The beach is sheltered from wind by the pines covering the hills and the cove is discreet with relatively calm waters. 

Views from Paloma Plage are stunning displaying the cliffs that rise from Beaulieu-sur-Mer Bay. The sand is made from small pebbles and measures 150m long, it is a lovely place for an early morning stroll.
Accessing the beach requires a booking during the summer months due to its high demand and wealth of guests who visit the beach regularly. Umbrellas and Lounge Chairs are available for higher from approximately 25€ pp.

Many choose to dine at the Private Beach Restaurant which is open for lunch and dinner from May-September and only lunch from Easter-September, the restaurant serves exquisite food with a splendid service. 

Passable Beach – CapFerrat

West Facing across from the Rade de Villefranche is Passable arguably the most famous beach on the peninsula. The beach was originally named Letetia beach and was created for guests at the Grand Hotel in the 20th Century when the hotels guests chose to retreat to the Passable.

The cove is protected and offers its visitors calm waters of which to swim, with both private and public areas. The beach restaurant Passable Plage manages the beaches private section and is open March to September for lunch. 

La Croisette – Cannes

Cannes is a popular area in the South of France partly due to the Film Festival and Lions Festival during which the beaches are full with industry professionals and celebrities. La Croisette offers 7.5 km of beach split into 33 private and 13 public beaches. Private beaches here range from 20€-25€ per day all 33 of which are managed by restaurants. Most of the hotels such as the Carlton lie along this coastline and residents generally use the private beaches throughout the coastline.

Plage de la Garoupe – Cap d’Antibes

Situated on the eastern side of the peninsula in an ideal location between Juan Les Pins and Antibes, the curved white sandy beach provides 3 private beaches each provide fine cuisine, watersports and perfect relaxation areas. The beach became popular in the 1920s when Gerald and Sara Murphy presented their wealthy friends to the glamourous beach. Scenery from the pristine beach displays the town of Antibes with a montage of an Italian and alpine backdrop.

Pampelonne – St Tropez

Soaring St Tropez to fame since 1955, Pampelonne beach is a 5km stretch of beautiful golden sands lined with an array of private beaches offering wonderful beach dining and exciting nightlife with renowned club and bars such as Nikki Beach. In the summer time this is the prime place to sail your yacht, come ashore and soak up the glorious climate, enjoy delicious fresh seafood and try your hand at the spectacular water sports there are on offer.

Club 55 – St Tropez

Club 55 started life as a film crews canteen for Bridget Bardot, Club 55 soon transformed into a famous, luxury, discreet choice for high-end visitors to St Tropez. Spend a relaxing luxurious afternoon reclining on the stylish white sofas on this beautiful private beach.  Club 55 offers an incredibly professional and friendly service providing magnificent lunchtime delights and exotic cocktails at your wish on the beach and also in the world famous beach bar. On arrival you to Club 55 you will be welcomed with sandy floors, inviting you to dine on the incredible fresh seafood beneath sails strung between trees and magnificent views across the golden beach and emerald blue waters. This is a highly sought after private beach with business men, celebrities and politicians all wanting to enjoy this magnificent views and atmosphere so make sure you book in advance.

Nikki Beach – St Tropez

Nikki beach is an iconic part of St Tropez’s Pampelonne beach playing host to many of the world’s wealthiest youth the atmosphere is phenomenal. Events are held here on a regular basis attracting the most desirable of crowds, who drink champagne as if it were water.

It is important to reserve tables and loungers here during the summer months to avoid disappointment. The beach is extremely well-known having other spots in Florida, Ibiza, Morocco and many more destinations.

Elegant Address know these beaches well and can advise our clients on which spot of the FrenchRiviera is right for them due to our 10 years’ experience and the fact that we are regular visitors to the Cote d’Azur. Our passion for the area and our bespoke service allows us to locate for you a villa that meets your requirements.

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