Monday, 24 August 2015

Packing Hacks

Packing if done wrong can be the most stressful part of your holiday. We compiled our tried and tested, top packing hacks that will save you space, frustration and time which could be better spent out in the sun! 

Here are our top five packing hacks:
1.       Don’t fold…roll!
It’s a common mistake we make when we are trying to cramp in all of our holiday clothes but folding your holiday wear actually takes up more room than if you roll them up it.

2.       Glasses case for chargers
No doubt you have bought some fabulous new sunglasses to take away with you on your exciting trip away. A great tip to keep your chargers protected, tidy and easy to find is by placing them in an old sunglasses case.

3.       Cotton wool to protect powder makeup
The horror of opening up your brand new compact you bought especially for your holiday to find a rubble of powder and dust can be heart-breaking...and very messy! Top keep your makeup crack free place a cotton wool pad or ball on the inside to form a cushioned layer.

4.       Save yourself from shampoo spillage
There’s nothing worse than arriving on holiday and opening your case to a shampoo or sunscreen explosion! A very cheap and quick travel hack is to place a tight layer of cling film/wrap under the lid and over the nozzle of any shampoo, moisturiser or sun cream to avoid any damage or soggy clothes.

5.       No more tangled jewellery!

There is nothing more fustrating than trying to untagle a ball of necklaces from the bottom of your case, even if you keep them in the side pocket! The best way to keep your beautiful accessories separate and safe is to use an inexpensive pill container. You can even organise which necklace for each outfit for the week!

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