Monday, 1 September 2014

Holiday fraud must be stopped.

It deeply saddens us to see certain companies and website being allowed to call themselves 'travel companies' giving anyone the opportunity to post any properties, unsupervised; giving false information to potential customers. These companies appear like the ideal way to book a villa with 'no contact required' and seemingly cheap prices leading to an increasing number of people taking huge risks to try and save money, consequently losing it all due to awful fraudulent situations as seen in such article below.

We are proud of our reputation for offering every client, no matter what budget, a highly professional, personal, tailor made service ensuring the client feels confident and secure that issues like this will never happen. We understand that renting a villa is a dream holiday experience and we enjoy making your stay as special as possible.

Our consultants talk to each client directly to make sure we are able to organise the perfect holiday experience for you down to the smallest detail. We know each of our owners personally and are in regular contact to give offer our clients the very best, unrivalled service and information. We only work with owners that we have spoken to directly or have met, that are honest and have something special to offer our clients. 

We have hand picked every single property in our portfolio and we are extremely vigilant with the information and availability of each villa. We assist each client throughout the property search, the booking process, throughout and even after your stay. We have strict owner policies and contracts in place to make sure both owners and clients are safe and happy.

Please feel secure in the knowledge that we only offer the highest luxury, professional service to our highly respected clients. This is why the book with us instead of these unreliable sites.

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