Monday, 15 September 2014

The Riviera Way of Life

There are many reasons why there are more tourists visiting France than any other country in the world, but Elegant Address has come up with some of the most enticing reasons for visiting the South of France.

1. The Sunshine

Flying into Nice airport, as the wing of plan slowly dips to turn into the coastline you will glimpse at the sparkling, emerald blue water with Riviera sunshine bouncing off the surface greeting you into the glamorous Cote d’Azur. There are at least 300 marvelous days of sunshine each year so a trip, even if it’s a spontaneous last minute choice, is guaranteed sunshine.

2. The Fresh Food

The French love to eat.  It’s a crucial part of their lifestyle. Whether it’s for a celebration, a lazy afternoon or an important meeting; it is most likely these events will revolve around a meal time, involving wonderful fresh meal on the Croisette. The French very rarely have food with any additives or hidden chemicals and fat, they enjoy the freshness of handmade food and treat each meal as a masterpiece.  A must see on your trip are the local markets, full of vibrant colours from flowers, spices and handmade soaps and fresh fruit and veg. Nice market is a fantastic choice with a busy yet traditional atmosphere filled with delicious smells from the local olives, freshly baked bread and array of bright, juicy fruit.

3. Living on the Riviera

The South of France lives at a slower pace of life, they take 2 hours for lunch every day to fully enjoy their meal and running 10 minutes late for a meeting you’re on time. They like to take time to appreciate their food and would rather work longer into the evening to be able to set time aside to catch up with a friend over coffee or spend an hour on the beach. Maybe this is why French women have the longest life expectancy in all of Europe; they must be doing something right. You will feel yourself going at a slower, more relaxed pace as you take in the warm inviting sunshine as you stroll along the coastline and spending evening’s people watching in Juan Les Pins.

4. The Chic, Sophisticated Coastline

Cannes is famous for lining its golden coastline with private and exclusive beaches, restaurants and most importantly its long, pristine stretch of designer shops and boutiques. These magnificent shops are used to catering to celebrities for the Cannes Film Festival, billionaires heading to dinner on their private yachts in the harbour and fabulous locals who are up to date with the most glamourous and elegant outfits and accessories for this season. With Chanel as your corner shop it would be rude not to. In the summer La Croissette in Cannes is lined with some of the world’s most incredible, prestigious super cars outside the Carlton and famous designer boutiques for everyone to admire.

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